Website is now on HTTPS and more

Hi everyone and yes as the title states the website is now enabled to use HTTPS via the already greatly popular Let’s Encrypt system. There can still be some insecure sections of the website as some things need to be changed manually so that is something that I will do in the coming days.

Is it almost required in this day and age to use HTTPS as a security measure for your website. Mostly because all major browsers will continue to mark HTTP websites as insecure. So if you can update your own website to use HTTPS you really should.

Another upgrade for the website is 2 factor authentication for the most important parts of the back-end and I am currently in the process of setting up DNS CAA with the help of my colleague. Also having an dedicated firewall solution for the website installed as well as ReCaptcha for logging into the website.

Its for the website all a very welcome upgrade and this marks the path for maybe an announcement and placement of a hobby project of mine that is in the making. More on that in a later post. For now thanks for reading of course.

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