FLOW is a simple and easy to use Dock for Windows. I took inspiration from a lot of various linux distributions and wanted to create somewhat the same for Windows.

FLOW uses various API’s that can be used in Windows to hide the normal Windows Taskbar and keeps it hidden while running. It also uses these API’s to detect open and visible applications and shows the status of these in the Dock.


  • Window Detection for Open, Visible and Minimized
  • Support for multiple screens
  • Start Menu replacement [WIP]
  • Window Previews
  • Spotify Preview Integration
  • Rounded corners
  • Simple UI
  • Update System
  • Tray Icons with basic manage functions [WIP]
  • Customizable colors


From here you can download the installer for FLOW. The installer can be used to install FLOW which currently installs itself at the root of C:\ in it’s own little folder. This installer also contains the logic to update FLOW when needed and can be used to freshly install without the loss of user files.

This project is mostly obsolete at this point but those work in it’s current state


Please note that I am not a developer by schooling and I do this purely out of hobby. I am not responsible for any damage caused and you are not allowed to damage or de-compile the program.

FLOW has been written with Windows 10 in mind. It is possible that features are broken or not working correctly on other versions of Windows. Also you are required to run the 64 bit version of Windows.


The application is written by me and mainly for me so the people that are currently concerned about their data should not be worried with this application. The only outside connection it currently uses is to check if it’s own version is out of date and download the updater if needed. Updates cannot be disabled, currently there is no Options menu. I do not keep any other usage, tracking or any log files on or from your system. This will remain this way for as long as I can hold it off.