We bought a house!

The first post in the new Life category and thankfully we are starting out with a good one. As the title of the article states, we bought a house. Our bid for the house got accepted a few days ago and we couldn’t be happier after the for us it seems very emotional rollercoaster. We were working towards this for almost a year and for Ruby and me it feels as the start of a new chapter between us.

For a starter in the Netherlands as well it is not an easy road, if you are doing it money wise on a budget of one person and this was the biggest problem you get out played. A lot of houses because of the fierce market are being bought for much more then the asking price and it slowed our progress down a lot into searching a house. Before we eventually landed on this one we looked at around 12 other houses in the span off a year and we did 2 other bidding’s on other houses on which we got denied both times. So you can imagine that when you got shot down twice that you start to think differently and maybe lose hope.

I recommend people in the same category as us to not go for the ‘big city’ in the Netherlands. It costs so much more for the price that you pay that you should really consider if living in the city is worth that price to you. For us it for sure wasn’t worth it.

So now we are in the papermill as I like to call it. Getting, retrieving and submitting documentation to parties and we are just at the beginning of that process as well. Eventually we know that everything will be alright and that the emotional rollercoaster of buying a house will be over when we finally live together.

We are hopefully for that next step or that next chapter together.

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