From Chrome-ish to Firefox

Now as a sysadmin you should have the big browsers on your computer. Why? Because it helps understanding how they work and how you can support your users if needed. So switching ‘main’ browsers is a thing that at least I do regularly. It is not only good to know and understand it for your users but also for your general knowledge of ‘what is out there’. The browsers out here change a lot and sticking to just one browser will limit your view in my opinion.

The internet started for me with using Firefox as my ‘main’ surprising enough and I have used Firefox in my most of my childhood / puberty. But then came Chrome and I will admit that I switched to it the moment it came out and never looked back. I used Chrome-ish based browsers as well and off and on Firefox. That was however until I got in the current job that I am in. Because users were using their favorite browsers at the company and I am not the kind of person that would allow them not to. You would see a clean win for Chrome, Opera and others and I was because of this quickly forced into supporting multiple browsers but it broadens the view of what is out there. What’s bad and what’s good about a browser which let to what I use as my browser ‘main’.

So how did I get here writing this article. For all the browsers that I used and got used to I eventually switched to Firefox as my ‘main’ browser. It sounds easier then it sounds for me at least. I gotta say that the Quantum update really helped getting me over making the choice. There was always a sweet spot for Firefox but the speed and interface weren’t close compared to the competition. Now this is my personal opinion of course. Speed is testable but taste is personal. Firefox after the Quantum update really changed the browser in a way to keep it in line with a more web focused future. And Firefox is in my opinion needed in this space of browsers. It is one that is the most clear about privacy and the options to customize that popular topic in 2018. We need Firefox to exist in this world to keep a balance between the different options out there.

If you are in a situation similar to me using Chrome-ish based browsers and never giving Firefox a new fresh chance, if you value performance or privacy then I would strongly recommend you reconsider.

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