Overall update of everything

Hello everyone that is reading this. This post is an update about everything that has been going on in the past few months. It may seem that I haven’t updated the site often and you are right but knowing the good old rule you will know that I am doing just fine (The rule of if I am not posting… Read more →

Imagine, The beginning of a new voyage

A new branch of exploration for myself. Imagine is born a server that is filled with my and for my imagination. Currently it is running a daily nightly build of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 the OpenRCT version which to my surprise is still in development and is going strong. As my girlfriend and I love RollerCoaster and OpenRCT having the ability… Read more →

Welcome to the New Year

Hello people of the internet. In this post we look back at my life for 2015 as we would normally have done on Herp.nl.¬†First I would love to say that I am very sorry for not posting anything on the front page of the website. This however does not mean that the website did not get updated as we did… Read more →

Projects and Updates

Currently I am working again on the development and updating of the projects from my old website. The first step in this process is making the projects available for download again. I recreated the project pages for each of my currently main programs and listed a download where it is available for you guys to try it out. My apologies… Read more →

A Nostalgic Source

Today I am sharing with you all a little bit about myself. Before I was in IT and still studying I played A LOT of games. However now because I am putting work before everything even being able to relax most of the time is hard. I never actually am gaming at all again to relax myself a bit. It… Read more →

Sick and Anime

Again a relaxing weekend which is good because I do not feel that well. A headache and coughing at all times which make for some frustrating moments. Before you go asking to me that this post is not about the title in anyway you are super wrong. Because I am sick and need to relax there are only some things… Read more →


Today I am keeping you guys up to date with what I have been doing over the past couple of days. I am mostly working on a new website that you can check out @ http://lbmulder.nl This website will also be running WordPress which I love till death. I already installed a simple theme and some useful plugins to give… Read more →


I bought myself a .NET Gadgeteer board because I wanted to learn more about this great piece of technology. Basically it is a C# or VB.NET coding environment but instead of creating applications for a computer you can create and interact with buttons, motors, displays and even joysticks or camera’s by using a .NET Gadgeteer board with the .NET Micro… Read more →

Drop the bass

I met some great interns after the enormous flood of them coming into the company. A few of those great people are sitting at the same table as me Cor my IT intern, Otmar, Imre and Friederike. Otmar and me wanted to listen to the same music after we were able to do that using a Teamviewer session as a… Read more →

A new start

Today we start fresh. From the ashes that was my negative thinking is born a new website. I hope to post more happy things and more things from my life as well as keep you more updated with the programs that I create.   I will slowly begin to develop this website so stay tuned. Read more →