Retrieve the status of a Kyocera printer using PowerShell

To improve my workflow and department I needed to know what the current status was of the main office printer. Currently this is a Kyocera printer. Things like making sure that paper is available for users to print, detecting paper jams and managing toners is a simple job but very important in making sure the business operates as it needs to.

Using a SNMP module for PowerShell I was able to create a simple script that just retrieves the current status of the Kyocera printer. For me it reports back to Slack if anything weird is but you can modify the script to whatever you need. A big thanks of course for the work people did on the SNMP module. The module you need can be found here.

Under here an example of the script. The ‘NoSuchInstance’ message is basically a everything works fine message. The example under here is a process of emptying the first paper tray. So it goes from there is no cassette to loading in paper and eventually saying wait there is no paper in the cassette. This is of course a bit of an extreme example just to show case the ability for the script to retrieve the status.

If you need this script you can download it here. Feel free to modify it to your needs. It is a very simple script to just test the essentials.

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