Important change of RubyRDP

Hello reader, as you may or may not know I have been developing a tabbed RDP, VNC, PowerShell and Putty Client. In the newest update there is an important change to the Update System of RubyRDP.

Previously I hosted the builds on my Google Drive and linked them to the application. However with version and up it is now hosted on this website.

The main reason for the Google Drive situation was that I wanted a website that had https connection for the Update System. At the time my website did not have https enabled sadly.

A while ago I enabled Let’s Encrypt https certificates on the website. Now after it has been running smooth I see no reason to keep hosting on Google Drive at this time.

Normally I do not post these kinds of updates however it is important to update to and up if you want to continue to get updates for RubyRDP.

Thank you.

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