Perplexity Explorer

Perplexity Explorer is a fully tabbed Windows Explorer replacement and was created with a philosophy that it could replace Windows Explorer with extra features that would normally complement it. The history began when a question was asked in February 2017 by an intern how easy it could be to create a tabbed Explorer. We set out to answer that question and in the following months created a workable solution in the form off Perplexity Explorer. We wanted a tabbed clean and only the extra features to make it really improve our day to day workflow.


• Tabbed File Explorer
• Built in Unzip and Zip support
• Size calculations for Directories as well as Files
• Accurate, Fast and Powerful Search Engine (Network drive search supported for example N:\)
• Drag and Drop support for files to other applications
• Copy and Paste support for files to other applications
• Favorites system to store frequently visited places as you wish
• Recycle Bin inside the application from which you can restore and empty
• Network shares are supported
• Removable devices are supported
• Phones are supported
• Easy to use and clear graphical user interface
• Portable, the only registry changes it can do are for setting itself as default Explorer in Windows
• Custom Icons by from the Office Pack which are used in the ListView and AdwTree
• Enable Perplexity Explorer as your default File Explorer
• Color themes based on Office Metro with a touch of originality
• Support for the famous copy program for Windows, TeraCopy using its CLI features
• Calculate hashes from selected files in MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 formats


Perplexity Explorer works on most versions of Windows as long as the .NET Framework version 4.5.2 is installed as a minimum on the computer. The application is written specifically with Windows 10 in mind so it is possible that features are broken on other versions of Windows.


Your settings are saved per username on the computer based on where Perplexity Explorer is installed. By default this is the C:\Perplexity Explorer directory. In there under Settings followed by your user account you can find all your settings and port them over to another computer.


In the Options menu if you have the checking for updates option selected it will always check and download using HTTPS and a custom built update tool to update your Perplexity Explorer to the latest version when starting up. If not you can always use the right-click option on the System Tray icon and click Check for Updates to make sure you run the latest version. Changelogs are updated with each release with general information and can be viewed from Perplexity Explorer by right-clicking the System Tray icon and clicking Changelog.


The software would not at all be possible without the following projects and people.

• Ruby, Erik, Marijn and Tinto


From here you can download the installer. The installer can be used to install Perplexity Explorer which currently installs itself at the root of C:\ in it’s own little folder. This installer also contains the logic to update Perplexity Explorer when needed and can be used to freshly install without the loss of user files. Please note that I am not a developer by schooling. I am not responsible for any damage caused and you are not allowed to damage or decompile the program.

Download the Installer

The explorer is being rewritten from the ground up by me in my free time. However the version here is still functional but will be phased out when the time is right.


The application is written by me and mainly for me so the people that are currently concerned about their data should not be worried with this application. The only outside connection it currently uses is to check if it’s own version is out of date and download the updater if needed. I do not keep any other usage, tracking or any log files on or from your system. This will remain this way for as long as I can hold it off.